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In a world that is increasingly chaotic, where instant gratification is pervasive, we provide an environment for you to slow down, be in the moment, immerse in a tactile experience, and develop a sense of wonder for this ancient art form.​ Join us and enjoy the process of delayed gratification!


Just out of curiosity I enrolled my 8-year-old in pottery class. I had to work hard to convince my son to do 1 class of pottery just to try out. After much persuading, he was ready to do one class. Once agreed I booked a session with Shubha. It was a two-hour session. The sessions had a lovely vibe, with nice music, and fun conversation between my son and a very engaged instructor, who was shubha herself. The goal of these sessions is not so much to teach/learn pottery in a formal way, but rather, to create a wonderful experience of hands-on activity that beats stress and creates a lot of positive energy for the participants.

Shubha, being a Montessori teacher, was extremely patient with him. She explained the whole process in detail and allowed him to explore and figure out things himself. I must say her studio has a lovely vibe - the music is always very calming. It's always clean, especially for a clay studio that can be hard. Everything is provided.. just show up and you leave relaxed and free of any worries.

Pottery takes time to fire up, so we did not get all our pieces immediately. But we were happy to wait on that -- the process was totally fun and the end product was just a bonus.

My son had so much fun that he asked me to schedule another session with her. The mission to move him to try out something creative, something new that he never experienced before, was successful. - Lajja Naik

- Lajja Naik

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