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Behind the Clay

Our team members are the reason why our studio functions like a well-oiled machinery. Starting from preparing the clay, trimming the pots to glazing, sanding, and packing your pots, there is not a single part of the process that these two amazing ladies haven't touched. They are the backbones of our studio. 

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Meet My Truong 


I wear many hats in my life – from being a former corporate professional to now a full-time mom with many crafting hobbies. When I'm not busy doing stay-at-home mom activities and tasks, you can find me crocheting amigurumi patterns or meddling with my endless DIY works in progress. More recently, I've been working on building my kids a clubhouse from scratch. I am a lover of all crafts and arts, trying new foods, adventuring around Chicagoland on the weekends, traveling as much as I can, going on nature hikes, and cooking and baking homemade meals for family and friends.

With pottery, I'm relearning the craft at Kneaded Earth. You can find me prepping and finishing many one-time creations, or my personal favorite, kneading the clay! While I'm still learning more about the wheel, I have made several hand-built compositions. I am enthusiastic and eager to learn more about pottery and meet fellow pottery students.


You can follow my journey and interests on my Instagram: TheLittlestStitches1.

Meet Soundharya 


My path in life has led me through dynamic roles in the corporate world with renowned MNCs but the yearning to explore art forms is what my heart beats for. My interests include cooking, painting, crocheting, gardening, DIY home decor & more. Pottery has just expanded my horizon. As a beginner potter, I am fascinated with the process that helps one make functional pieces out of their own hands. I have developed a keen interest for hand built pottery projects.

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