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Some facts seem so self-evident that we barely pause to question their validity. Pottery being environment-friendly is a good example. It is after all just earth, right? Wrong! 

Pottery starts off rather innocuously as earth but mining and refining clay is destructive to the environment and various ecologies. The heavy clay will need to be transported, which requires energy as does the crafting of pottery from clay. Once a piece is made, it will be fired in a kiln (more energy), glazed (additional chemicals), re-fired and sanded (even more energy). Also, once made, pottery does not degrade and decompose quickly. When archeologists dig at various sites, they commonly find perfectly preserved pottery that are thousands of years old. This is great for history buffs but not so good for the environment.

At KneadedEarth, we take our environmental responsibility seriously. We source clay from local suppliers and reclaim and reuse all discarded clay from your work. Our glazes are never lead-based or toxic. The energy to run the pottery wheels and kiln comes from solar and wherever possible, we use reused, recycled and recyclable material for packaging. If you are a regular student, we may request you to bring the bags and packaging material back. We also recycle bottles and cans when you choose to have beverages during your sessions. Our studio and premises are part of a structure that has been certified, “Gold” by the NAHB’s National Green Building Standard.

As you enjoy working on your pottery items, please understand that each piece will generate an environmental externality. Pottery takes a long time to perfect and most artists will discard most of the new pieces they make before they perfect one and choose to glaze and fire it. As students, you have every right to enjoy the environment, the process, the learning experience and the joy of creating a lasting product from scratch. While we will never impose on you or restrict you from making any number of pieces, we hope you will take the environmental cost into consideration. This means that you keep creating and destroying until you truly like your piece and send it for glazing and firing only if you truly wish to keep and use the piece for a long time.


Thank you!

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